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GCA Academy is a great added value tool for the surgeons education.

Our Events


Surgery Workshop-Dr. Benito

Combined breast augmentation with Eurosilicone implants.

Breast enhancement using implants and fat grafting. With both techniques we get projection and the volume the patient wishes and with fat grafting we can correct small asymmetries, short lower poles, enhancing the cleavage.

14th-15th December
Barcelona, Spain

Congresso Brasileiro de Cirurgia Plástica

14-17 November
Recife, Pernambuco


16-17 Noviembre
Elche, España

AECEP Meeting 2018

22-24 Noviembre
Madrid, España

Surgery Workshop-Dr. Tonini

8th-9th November
Verona, Italia

Surgery Workshop - Dr. Alan Park

September 23-24
Ballykelly - U.K